In Memory

Terry Dorman

Carolyn Dorman Allen, cousin of Terry Dorman, shared this information which was furnished by his sister, Barbara Dorman Kaiser.
After high school Terry joined the Army and trained at Fort Leonard Wood. He was stationed at a base at Munster, Indiana where he met Shirley Hull and married her in Crown Point, Indiana. When he completed his service time they moved back to Kansas City. He worked in the construction industry for a while but that wasn't his thing. He went to work for Union Station as head of their maintenance department. It was a very interesting job, learning the history of trains and the station. This was, of course, before the restoration of the building that we now enjoy.
He retired at about age 50 after a back injury. He made the best of a bad situation by fishing at his property at Pomme de Terre Lake. He, his wife, and three children built a lovely home there. After the kids all graduated high school the family moved to the lake permanently and loved every minute of it.
Terry quite successfully raised three children: Terry, Jr., a policeman for the city of Independence and father to three children; Ann Dorman Knowles, a school teacher and mother of four children; and Sue Dorman Rash, an emergency responder for Hickory County, Mo. and mother to three children.
Life was good, until Terry was diagnosed with lung cancer. He had surgery removing one lung and all went well after chemo and radiation treatments. He was extremely pleased that he did not lose his hair or become ill with these treatments. Life marched on and he became ill again. Testing showed that the cancer had spread and there was little hope of survival.
After Terry’s death in 2001, we learned the name of Robert Courtney. A pharmacist providing the chemo drug for his treatment was diluting the drug and never looking back. Many lives were affected by this man's greed, to say nothing of the many lives lost as well. Missed and loved by all, Terry was included. Courtney lawyers still review and ask for clemency and release every couple of years. So far the hearings have always been turned down. Rightfully so.
Terry’s parents passed a couple of years ago, and Robert Courtney’s actions plagued them, as one would expect.