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Herschel Golub

Golub died of a heart attack on July 8, 2009


Herschel died 7-8-06  Age: 64


The early years: Golub was born in Kansas City and graduated from Central Missouri State University. He began teaching sixth grade in the Center School District and was soon captivated by a young teacher who taught across the hall. Golub wrote notes in the “L” encyclopedia for “love” and had an unsuspecting student bring the book across the hall. Jane Biswell would send her own note back. Years later, when a student asked what happened to the teacher across the hall, Golub said: “I married her.”


“He told me he loved me every day,” Jane Golub said.


A lifelong teacher: Golub taught sixth-grade in the district for 33 years. He never missed a graduation from Center High School.


Golub brought his guitar to class and brought students home for horseback riding.


“When he talks to children — either with his own or his schoolchildren or horseback riding kids — he talks to them like they are adults and what they say really matters,” said Golub’s daughter, Amy Kane.


The cowboy: Golub dressed up as a cowboy as a young boy. He bought his first horse, Pride, at age 21 with $150 that he borrowed from a bank.


He started giving horseback riding lessons while still a teenager at Boy Scout camp and continued until his death. It was on his horse that Golub suffered a fatal heart attack.


“Daddy”: “He always had time for us,” Kane said. “His family was his top priority.”


Kane and her fiance were to be married in September, but wanted her father, who was in a coma, to be there. “So we got married in the hospital, holding his hand,” she said.


His own word: During a “Death and Dying” course he took in 1983, he wrote his own eulogy, which was read at his funeral. “As a Jew I believe wholeheartedly that we are our brother’s keeper,” he wrote. “If you feel a need to remember me, do it by doing something for someone else. Teach someone something and let them teach you.”

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