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05/21/13 11:31 AM #1    


Judi Young (Knapp)

Welcome to the Southeast High School Class Of 1959 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

12/27/13 10:04 AM #2    


Thomas Warner

Nice job getting the ladies luncheons photos posted!

You are a winner, Judi.

Happy New Year!

Tom Warner  ;-)

03/14/14 01:58 PM #3    


Thomas Warner

Hi Judi,

I'm in facebook tinkering around, having a look see at this "Class Connection" dealybob, whatchamacallit, gizmaflotchy on facebook, and trying to assess whether it is wonderful, or lousy, or maybe somewhere in between. It may take me a year or two to arrive at a semi-definite coRnclusion about it. 

If you are feeling very brave and full of quizical curiosity then you might sneak a peek at it your own selfie.

A big hug for my co-administrator!



04/17/14 04:55 PM #4    


Judi Young (Knapp)

It looks like we are the only ones using this feature. I could not respond directly this time. I wonder what is different????

04/18/14 08:16 AM #5    

Chuck Sykes

What are you two talking about? What kind of forum is this? I was just looking at e mail, got this site, but not sure if this is a chat area, or what. Anyway hi guys, hope all is well. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon. Take care                                        Charlie Sykes                                                                                                         

04/18/14 10:27 AM #6    


Thomas Warner

Howdy Charlie!

This is simply an open message forum available to any classmate who is logged in.  I'm glad you have found it, now there are three of us that know about it. Ha ha. 

Tom Warner

04/18/14 10:29 AM #7    


Thomas Warner


After you have written your message go to the bottom and click on the "Submit" button.  Sometimes it doesn't work and you have to click it again.   

OK, now it's your turn. Send me a meassage just for practice.


04/18/14 11:31 AM #8    

Don Thomson

One and All,

So I'll give this a try.   Is this horrible winter over yet ?  I ducked out to Nashville for a week, Miami for 2 weeks and Los Angeles for 3 weeks, 7 weeks altogether, to get away from the cold.   Arrived back in KC on March 26 to pouring rain and COLD weather.   It snowed on April 14th.    I would have stayed in the warm weather places longer but had a Safety class I had to attend back here.

Hope that all are well and that spring is just around the corner.

DON T.   (Class of 1959 imposter - just went to 8th & 9th grade at Southeast)

04/18/14 11:55 AM #9    


Donna Pennington (Ponick)

All reunion letters have gone out and should be delivered by the first of next week.  If anyone did not get one, please let me know.

04/18/14 04:11 PM #10    

Chuck Sykes

Now there are 5 of us Tom, 3 more and we can have 2 foursome to play golf. nobody brings a computor or I pad.   Hate them things. Have to use computor at work. Got a real nice I pad from Nebraska Furniture Mart 8 months ago, still trying ti figure out how to use it. My son taught me a few things, I down loaded some music, and can e mail, but don't know much more. Of course I can't figure out any of these new electronics. I do know how to make phone calls on my cell phone. Yea. Take care guys. Keep in touch.                                     Charlie Sykes

04/18/14 06:56 PM #11    


Jim Snow


I was aware of this feature a long time ago but I was never big on chit-chat.  That is also why I stay clear of social websites and restrict use of my cell phone to on-a-need-to-use-basis only, except for some limited exceptions. (Miss Johnson would have probably red-marked that phrase.)

When I am at the grocery store, I really have to exert significant self-control when I overhear some twit talking to whomever about what she is doing at the store.  Give me a break.

I remember when telephones were first installed in airplanes back in the 80s.  The rate was $4.95 a minute.  One night on my way home from a business trip, I observed and overheard an adult male get on the phone and say, "Guess where I'm calling from - an airplane!"  I wanted to throw up.  Well, not really, but I did think that the guy was a total idiot.

Five months to the big event.  It is a little sad about how many classmates have not maintained contact.  At our age, the actuarial tables are starting to become ominous.  I had a close call last month and one two years ago.  I won't bore you with the details.  See you all in the fall.

Jim Snow

04/21/14 02:42 PM #12    


JoAnne Betts (Kelley)

Just trying this out to see if I can really have a chat or not.  Enjoyed reading everyone's responses.  Even yours Ken S.  I do tend to agree with you, however.  Okay let's see if I can send this.  Oh, I have just gotten 2 reunion letters returned this time.  Hopefully, all the rest have gone through. JoAnne Betts Kelley

04/21/14 02:53 PM #13    


Judi Young (Knapp)

JoAnne, great to see your message. Keep up the good work with the Reunion letters.

Don T, It looks like you returned in time for tornado season

Jm Snow, you are good to keep up with the web site.

Charlie, I hope you guys (Knights) get to play golf in September.

Tom, Keep on keeping on.

Donna, Keep up the good work with the Reunion letters

04/24/14 02:18 PM #14    

Julia Elmore (Amies)

I've lost count.  Does my post make 6 of us now, or 7?

Just received the invitation to the 55th reunion, and it sounds like fun.  I missed the 50th reunion, as I was in Seattle and on my way to Scandinavia (at least I think that's where I was headed).  Had a mini-reunion of my own that year with a '59 classmate in Seattle (Wanda Gentry--Now uses her middle name of Sue and is married to a very nice gentleman by the name of Robert Strickland--in Everett WA).  So needless to say, I was looking forward to the 55th.

Alas, we've managed to make unchangeable travel plans for the same time, so the 55th is out too.  We travel about 5-6 months a year.  This time we are heading for three months in Africa, departing a week before the reunion and returning December 21st.

Agreed, Jim, the actuarial tables give one pause.  My favorite, however, is the life-expectancy chart which determines our annual IRA distribution. 

Will be thinking of all of you on September 26th.

Julia (Elmore) Amies


04/25/14 06:00 PM #15    


Judi Young (Knapp)

Julia, enjoy your travels and give us a report.  We will miss you at the reunion.  A coule of reunions ago I enjoyed visiting with Sue.  She's great.

04/28/14 11:59 AM #16    


Gretchen Wall (Lovelock)

Hi everyone, i really enjoy seeing what everyone is doing,    I got the invitation to the reunion and have already made the reservation at the hotel and will have my husband and brother, Tony Wall, and sister in law with me.  They all came to the last reunion and had such a good time, they wanted to come again.  Can't wait to see everyone again.


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