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04/29/14 03:34 PM #17    


Judi Young (Knapp)

Gretchen, I love the big crowd of great people you bring to our reunions.

04/29/14 03:56 PM #18    


Linda Thompson (Ackerman)

Hi Gretch,

I guess you're back in Mich. now, hope it's warmer there today than it is here.  I knew if I changed out my clothes & got my coats & jackets dry cleaned it would do this.  It's only supposed to be in the mid 50's all week, I'd much prefer 70's.  It will go from this to the mid-80's I bet.  Survived Easter Sunday, sang in 3 services, had to be there at 6am & left at 12:20pm. then had dinner at my house in the afternoon.  All went well but boy was I tired that night.  Judi was in town for about 5 hours, (Roy was attending a mtg. in Lawrence, KS.) so she came here, JoAnne also came over, we talked for a couple of hours & then went to :"First Watch" for lunch.  It's only about 3 blocks from my house.  We had a good visit, wish you had been with us.

04/29/14 04:13 PM #19    


JoAnne Betts (Kelley)

Anxious to see you. Love, JoAnne

05/01/14 05:59 PM #20    


Gretchen Wall (Lovelock)

Hi  all.  Yes we are back and the weather is typical Michigan in the Spring.  Cold, cloudy, Rainey.  All the people here say is. "At least it isn't snow.  We were super happy we missed most of it.  Can't wait to see you all.

05/02/14 10:20 AM #21    


Judi Young (Knapp)

Gretchen, I'm sure it feels good to be home. My cousin Carol lives in Midland and
suffered some flooding. I hope that didn't reach your area.

05/07/14 11:31 AM #22    


Dennis Temple

Hello to everyone!  I am looking forward to the reunion.  Right now I am reading a mystery trilogy set in KC featuring an ex-FBI agent named Jack Davis who is currently living in Brookside near 63rd Street.  There is a lot about KC which is fun for mer.  The author is Joel Goldman.  Anyhow, I have been in Chicago for a long time but I get back to KC a couple times a year to visit my brother.  And, Gretchen, I am not sure where Midland is but we have a little place in Michigan near Hastings in Barry County.  We love to go there and hike i the woods.  








06/12/14 01:42 PM #23    


Ferd (Butch) Bailey

Hi everyone. look forward to seeing you in Sept.

07/08/14 07:45 AM #24    


Helen Neptune (Yeomans)

In preparing for our reunion, I came across the following quote from John Updike's book My Father's Tears.  It was a passage about a fifty-fifth high school reunion.


" The list of our deceased classmates on the back of the program grows longer; the class beauties have gone to fat or bony-cronehood; the sports stars and non-athletes alike move about with the aid of pacemakers and plastic knees, retired and taking up space at an age when most of our fathers were considerately dead.


But we don't see ourselves that way, as lame and old.  We see kindergarten children--the same round fresh faces, the same cup ears and long lashed eyes.  We hear the gleeful shrieking during elementary-school recess and the sedutive saxophones and muted trumpets of the locally bred swing bands that serenaded the blue-lit gymnasium during high-school dances."


Maybe this does not depict us but it reminded me on some of my past and hopeully yours as well,  Helen

07/09/14 01:39 PM #25    


Judi Young (Knapp)

I like the last paragraph better than the second. Thanks
for sharing.

07/09/14 11:00 PM #26    


Patty Paul (Lerseth)

Hi All,

I am not going to be able to make the reunion this year and I am very disappointed as I was looking forward to seeing everyone. I'll keep watching the forum and the rest of the site to see what I missed. You all have fun.

Patty Paul Lerseth

07/10/14 02:17 PM #27    


Judi Young (Knapp)

Patty, I will miss you in September. I enjoyed our visits at the 50th.

07/11/14 09:39 PM #28    


Patty Paul (Lerseth)

Thanks, Judi. I enjoyed visiting, too.This will be the first one I've missed. I will not miss the 60th!


07/12/14 12:39 PM #29    


Judi Young (Knapp)

Patty, I will put a "yes" by your name for the 60th.

09/11/14 11:49 PM #30    

Don Thomson


I think the odds are about even that I can attend the 1959 Class reunion.  Why don't you count me in and if I'm out of the country at the time of the reunion I'll pay any banquet fees, etc.  I'm hoping that I can attend.  Thanks so much for including me Judy.


09/12/14 11:05 AM #31    


Judi Young (Knapp)

Hope your schedule works so you can join us.Judi

10/04/14 03:13 PM #32    


Jim Snow

Many thanks to the Reunion Committee for the great job they did on our now history, 55th.  A lot of time and effort was put into it and the results were pure quality.  Judi, I'm not sure that you realized when you were elected class secretary that it would be a job for life.  Well, here's to a long one!

10/04/14 03:19 PM #33    


Jim Snow

Do any of you septuagenarians remember what treacher you had for Freshman English?  If it comes up Mrs. McKemy and the class period was 7th hour, please respond back to me.   Thanks.

10/25/14 01:33 PM #34    


Jim Snow

Just received my reunion photo.  i'd say it was a pretty good looking bunch of seniors. 

10/27/14 09:52 PM #35    

Don Thomson

I think that I had Mary  Margaret Johnson for 9th grade English.

10/29/14 12:52 PM #36    


Linda Thompson (Ackerman)

I had Miss McKemy for 1 year but I don't remember which year or what hour.  Linda Ackerman

01/05/15 12:21 PM #37    


Carolyn Dorman (Allen)

Tom, thanks so much for posting the history information.  My husband's aunt, Janet Maher, was in the first graduating class of Southeast.  She and her husband became successful business owners in downtown Kansas City and she is now  94 and lives in North Kansas City.  A great trip down memory lane.  Are there other graduates in families of our class members...? 



Good question about other graduates and I'm sure there are several, but the research to identify them might conflict with my naps and BACON cooking.  Jim Snow is already aware of my executive schedule.  We sure had fun together at Wm. A. Knotts and Southeast!   Happy New Year!  tw  



01/05/15 05:46 PM #38    


Jim Snow


Thanks for posting that article describing the first year (1938-9) of operation of Southeast, including the list plus photos of the original teachers.  Of that group, twelve were still teaching when we hit the scene in September, 1954.  They were:  Martha Abbott, Jess Cross, Claude Harmon, Helen Howell, John Laury, Ben Markley, Rose McMaster, Maude Mueller, Helen Perkins, Anna Shouse, Hester Towles and Herberta Towner.  However, Maude Mueller was no longer teaching but was the school counselor.



01/06/15 12:45 PM #39    


Thomas Warner

Jim Snow,

Thanks for researching the who's who in the zoo at SE. Plum interesting.

You deserve an E for your effort.

Tom Warner 

01/07/15 08:21 AM #40    

Selinda Seiler (Williamson)

My X Mother in Law, Helen Harris was also in the first graduating class at Southeast.  She had been attending Paseo and her senior year, finished at Southeast.


04/28/18 03:22 PM #41    


Ronald Skates

I was very soory to learn that Butch has died.  We became good friends at Pinkerton Grade School and remained friends through Southeast.   Butch was always great company and could make everyone smile.

Butch was a great friend in the happy years when we were growing up.   While we have not had much contact since then, I have always counted him as a life friend.    Butch,  I will miss you and I am sad that you are no longer with us.  .  


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